Twisted Pine Run

September 14, 2019

Race Details

When: September 14, 2019
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Start Location: South Beach State Park


The original idea for the Twisted Pine Run was to have a 5 miler only, all within the South Beach State Park. Very quickly, however, was decided to add the half marathon.

5 Miler

The 5 miler includes approx .80 miles of pavement and approx. .70 miles of beach/sand and the remaining is beautiful single track trails around the South Beach State Park. The first 2.2 miles is fast. This is where the race starts. At 2.2, you'll approach the beach/sand. You'll run on the beach until mile marker 2.9. At approx 2.9 miles, you'll find yourself back at the park. This is a race where you want to save your best for last. The last 2 miles will take you around the park and you'll encounter some ups and downs = this is where you'l gain all the elevation.

(5 Miler Course Map. Click on image for a dynamic map)

Half Marathon

The half marathon includes the 5 miler course and an extra 1.5 miles of beach/sand and the remaning miles of flat, fast pavement. At 2.0 mile marker, you'll exit the park and head east toward the Yaquina Bay Bridge, run past the Rogue Brewery and around the Hatfield Marine Science Center via the Estuary nature Trail. You'll continue toward Idaho Point, do a lollipop before heading back towards the park. At approx 8.7 miles, you'll reach the beach. You'll run on the beach for the next 2.3 miles. At 11.0 miles, you'll be back at the park. Like the 5 miler, you'll have a few ups and downs the last 2 miles as you work your way around the South Beach State Park.

Check out the Relieve video

Route map for Twisted Pine Half Marathon by Ed Cortes

Aid Stations

The half marathon will have 4 aid stations while the 5 miler will have 2 aid stations. Aid stations will have water, electrolytes, and cut up fruit.

Half Marathon

Aid stations at mile 2, 5, 6.4, 8.2 & 11.2

5 Miler

Aid station at mile 2 & 3.2


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