Countdown to Race Day

Course Maps

5k Course

Flat, fast course... until the last 1/3 mile. Race starts at the end of the South Jettry Rd ( Start Location) with scenic views of the Yaquina Bay and Yaquina Bay Bridge. Run towards towards the Yaquina Bay Bridge, under the bridge, past Rogue Brewery, turn left onto South Beach Marina Parking Lot, loop around the parking lot to get back to the finish. Last 1/3 mile is loose sand so save those legs for the end!

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10k Course

Same as the 5k... flat, fast course with less than 110 ft of total elevation gain.( Start Location). Starts same as the 5k route. Approx. at the 1.75 mile marker the 10k turns left onto Ferry Slip Rd, run past the Oregon Coast Aquarium then proceed along the Yaquina Bay towards Idaho Point. You'll turnaround before reaching Idaho Point. The turnaound is at approx. 3.3 mile marker. It joins the 5k route again at approx at the 4.91 mile marker. Last 1/3 mile is a loose sand before you reach the Pacific Ocean.

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Half-Marathon Course

The half marathon is approx. 6.75 miles of pavement (very flat, fast) and the remaining distance consits of single track trails and gravel roads. The course is 13.25 miles long so a bit over the 13.1 half marathon distance. Same as the 10k for the first 3.1 miles. At this point it turns right onto SE Leeks High Rd and proceeds to the private Wilder Trails. Course will be well marked with flour, signs & tape.

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Aid Stations

5k: No Aid Stations
10k: Mile 2 & Mile 4.5
Half Marathon: Mile 2, Mile 4.9, Mile 8.2 & Mile 11.5


5k: Start, mile .9 & mile 1.5
10k: Start, mile .9 & mile 1.5 & mile 5
Half Marathon: Start, mile .9, mile 1.5, mile 4.9, mile 8.2 & mile 12

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