November 2, 2019

DDLM Endurance Run Course Map

The course is made up of two loops on mostly single track trails. Loop A is 1.05 miles and Loop B is 1.55 miles. Course is not certified but it was wheel measured and these are the official distance we'll use for the results. Runners will complete as many loops as possible within the allotted 2, 4, 6, 12 & 24 hour periods. Runners will run loop A first then loop B then rinse and repeat. In other words, one cannot run the same loop twice in a row. Doing so will disqualify you from the results. According to Strava, net elevation between the two loops is 210ft. After a quick math, 100 miles will net you approx. 8,100 ft of net elevation!

Course Maps on Strava

Loop A Loop B Combined Loops

Elevation by the distance (According to Strava)

  • 13.1 1,050ft
  • 26.2 2,100ft
  • 50k 2,520ft
  • 50M 4,200ft
  • 100k 5,040ft
  • 100M 8,190ft

Aid Station

We'll have a single aid station stocked with water, S-Caps, Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel and GU Gels and also the usual ultra food - PBJ, fruit, salty & sweet snacks. Bosque Cafe will also provide some yummy warm food and it'll be available during the night - chicken broth, hot pot pies, mash potatoes and more. Of course, you're welcome to bring your preferred nutrition. If you do, label it and we'll have it ready for you at the aid station.


We're cupless! Make sure to bring your water bottle as we won't be providing any cups!


You may park in the large Bosque Cafe parking lot or on both side of the street by the gate. Drive to Bosque Cafe and you'll see the white gate. Start/finish is behind the white gate.

Drop Bags

Bosque Cafe will be our DDLM Endurance Run Headquaters. The starting line is less than 400ft from Bosque Cafe. You can drop off you bags at Bosque or at our tent at the start/finish line.

Post Race Food

Bosque Cafe will be feeding us post race. Food will be serve starting at 11:45am on Sunday. Meal is included with your registration.

Bosque Cafe will be open for business until 5pm Saturday and will open on Sunday at 8am; however, We'll have access to Bosque Cafe during the whole race so you're welcome to use their bathroom (or use our potty potties by the start/finish) or use their space to warm up.


No formal pacers are allowed; however, you may have company for a loop or two.


24 hrs, 12 hrs & 6 hrs runners - Headlamp is a must between Saturday 6:00pm and Sunday 7:30am and it's highly recommended between those hours.

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Race Details

When: November 2, 2019
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Start Location: Bosque Cafe & Espresso

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